What is Nasal Polyps Surgery And Is It Effective?


Nasal Polyps Surgery is a method for removing polyps inside the nasal passage or in the sinuses. This treatment method is recommended by doctors when the steroid therapy does not give good results or in case steroids cannot be taken by the patient any further due to safety concerns. People who experience adverse reaction with steroidal therapy may also be recommended nasal polyp removal surgery by doctors.

nasal polyps surgery

The surgery to remove nasal polyps is done in two ways. The first method is called nasal polypectomy and the second one is called functional endoscopic sinus surgery.

People suffering from heart disease, people with complicated asthma conditions and those who have irregular bleeding are normally not advised to go for nasal polyps surgery.

Pre Surgery Preparation

Before a surgery is performed the patient will have to undergo some basis medicals tests like X ray, CT scan, Ultrasound or nasal endoscopy. In case the patient is suffering from any other medical condition then he or she may be told to undergo further tests because certain medical conditions may complicate things and lead to some other health problems.

Patients are also informed that undergoing surgery does not guarantee that polyps re-growth will not happen. This is done because almost 75% of patients who undergo surgery may experience reoccurrence of polyps in the nose. For some patients the nasal bone is removed and even after that they experience reoccurrence of the problem. Therefore surgeons play it safe by informing the patients about the results they can expect.

Even after nose polyp surgery, patients are required to take some kind of medication as part of the ongoing treatment. Patients with large polyps or a large number of polyps tend to suffer from sense of smell problem. Nose polyps surgery may not restore the sense of smell for such patients.

Nasal Polyps Surgery Risks

Like any other surgery, this one also has some amount of risk involved. For example, patients having polyps high up in the sinuses may end up with damaged optic nerve after a surgery. And this can cause some vision loss. Sometimes surgery for polyps in nose can lead to scar formation and this can be discomforting for the patient, because of the scar being located in the nasal region.

Nasal Polypectomy

Out of the two surgical methods Nasal Polypectomy is the most common one and is performed with the help of local aesthetic. This method is generally used when the size of the polyps are small and are located near the nostril entrance. The surgeon will make use of special equipment called nasal speculum to open the nose and then use a special kind of forceps to cut the polyps. Subsequently a suction device may be used to suck the polyps out from the nose.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

In case the polyps are located high up in the nose or deep inside the sinuses then the second surgical method, functional endoscopic sinus surgery is performed. For this procedure a local or general aesthetic is used.


The surgeon makes use of an equipment called endoscope which is basically a tube with a camera that helps in getting better view of the area where surgery for polyps needs to be performed.

A small cut is made in the face and the surgeon will use this incision to perform the surgery for polyps removal.


Both the surgical methods used for removing polyps in the nose are complicated and none of them provide a guaranteed cure for nasal polyps.

This is because the surgical intervention does not correct the root cause of the problem. The best way to address the root cause of the problem is by using a holistic polyps treatment.

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