Can Nasal Polyps Be Removed Without Surgery?


With increased occurrence of nasal polyps, people are looking for ways to get rid of this problem without undergoing a surgery and all the associated post surgery care. This is the reason you find people asking the question - can nasal polyps be removed without surgery?

There are so many ailments where the first line of treatment is considered to be surgery.

However with increased knowledge about health problems more and more diseases are now being treated without the pain and agony of a surgery.

Surgery is not very cheap and you also need to be careful after surgery because any infection can make things worse. This is why post surgical rest and care is extremely important.

Treating nasal polyps without surgery is surely possible unless your case is very severe with other complications and only surgery can clear the nasal path and make breathing possible for you.

Understand How To Stop Nasal Polyps Formation

Firstly you need to understand that neither steroids not surgery can guarantee that reoccurrence of polyps won’t happen.

nasal polyps suregery picture

As per available statistics almost 75% of patients who get the polyps removed surgically do experience polyps again after a few months or years.

Even people who take steroids to shrink polyps experience reoccurrence once the discontinue taking steroids. (Remember that steroids cannot be taken endlessly because of side effects).

The reason nasal polyps reappear is because the underlying cause for the problem has not been removed. Only the symptoms have been managed with steroids or surgery.

If the cells in the nasal passage continue to get irritated and inflamed then after some time fluid gets accumulated in these cells and the net result is the teardrop shaped nasal polyps hanging in the nasal passage.

Now to prevent the problem from happening repeatedly you will have to prevent the nasal cells from getting irritated and inflamed.

How To Stop Nasal Irritation

Nasal cells get irritated due to factors like allergens, dry air, certain medicines, cosmetics, perfumes, industrial pollutants and others.

So make sure you live in a house that has clean air and located away from an industrial setup. If the air in your house is very dry then make use of a humidifier.

Avoid medicines that can cause allergic reaction. Some perfumes and cosmetics can also cause the irritation in the nose. You will have to identify the trouble causing perfume or cosmetic and avoid using it.

How To Stop Nasal Inflammation

Once you have taken care of the irritation the next step is to make sure that your body is not in an inflammatory state. This is important so that the cells don’t get inflamed and get filled with fluids.

If the body cells are in anti inflammatory state it will virtually become impossible for nasal polyps to develop.

If the body is in anti inflammatory state, not only will it prevent formation of nasal polyps, but also prevent other diseases like heart attacks and cancer.

To achieve the anti inflammatory state you will have to make some small changes to your diet and lifestyle.

You will have to avoid eating certain foods and limit the consumption of certain other foods.

Additionally you may have to take a couple of supplements and do some basic breathing exercises.

If the above two steps are done properly then you will be able to prevent formation of polyps forever without surgery.

How To Remove Existing Nasal Polyps Without Surgery

Now the important question is how do you get rid of existing nasal polyps?

Thankfully, it is now possible to get rid of the problem safely, naturally without using steroids or surgery.

This will require you to apply an herbal mixture and inhale the vapors from the herbal mixture for few minutes every day. This herbal treatment can help you to get rid of the problem in just 4-5 days because you would also be incorporating the lifestyle and diet changes to speed up things.

herbal mixture

The best thing about the herbal treatment is that it is 100% natural and therefore there is no risk of side effects or any such thing.

If you take the herbal treatment you can continue with your daily work and even attend office without any issues.

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